Iranity | 2021

Mehrdad Gholami (PhD in flute performance from the University of Texas Christine) is Recording and preparaing  Iranity music album which includes six works by six modern Iranian
composers , Saman Samadi, Hoshyar Khayyam, Negin Zomorodi  Nastaran Yazdani Aydin Samimi Mofakhm, Mehrdad Pakbaz..
The initial stages of this album were in the winter of 2020 and will be available to the public in the fall of 2021 along with the score.Six pieces for solo flute by six Iranian composer performed by Mehrdad Gholami will be out soon by Mahoor Institute -2021

Dancer shadows , the solo alto flute that Negin Zomorodi composed for this album, is a dialogue between hope and despair, in an oriental musical atmosphere, with a arrangement of melodic intervals that evokes an atmosphere close to Iranian music. In other words, this work is formed by the combination of full and light layers of music, and the use of variable rhythmic patterns. The difference in dynamic level and rhythmic contrast and articulation separate these layers more. This work is far from contemporary playing techniques and only with the possibility of having a lower sound range than the final flute and mix (shadow arrangement of sound layers) composed by a solo instrument to write a rhythmic work, to invite sad people to this dance. …
It was an incarnation of people and their loneliness, they talked at night with their shadows, and at the end of this pain and heart, with these moving shapes, they start dancing.