Negin Zomorodi (born 1973, Tehran)

The entrance of Piano instrument to her home was roughly coincident with political upheaval in Iran which circumscribed the music education at that time. She was six years old when she started learning music notes (before learning her first Farsi alphabet!)
As a child, when taking private piano lessons from Farima Ghavam Sadry, who noticing her natural talent , absolute ear and love for music. Later she met an outstanding piano instructor, Ms. OHanisian, persuaded her to practice classical music seriously and take part in Piano recitals.
In 1992 she got her diploma in mathematic and entered to Polytechnic University to study Textile engineering.It is interesting to note that Negin received MS degree in Textile engineering in 1998 while she strongly desired to be a musician!
Attending private music classes with different Masters in this field, such as Saeed sharifiyan , Kiawasch Sahebnassagh, Nader Mashyekhi  , whom had an immense influence on her, made her look at music profoundly and differently.
In 2005 she immigrated to Canada where she determined to change her field to music .Completing Harmony and Music theory in Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, opened up new horizons for Negin. Upon her to Tehran, in 2006 she enrolled in the Art University, where she received her Master’s degree in Music composition.During the 27th International "Fajr" Music Festival 2012 , she won the first prize for Composition.
Since then she has worked with number of major ensembles, soloist and orchestras.Her various works have been performed at different international festivals and concert halls. including Rebellious Shadow for (flute & piano), performed at the Contemporary Composers Festival in Tehran 2014 and also in Mississippi University in Music For Woman Festival 2020 .The string quartet Migration, performed by "Respina Quartet" in 2018 in Roudaki Hall; . The Dancing Shadows ,for solo alto flute performed by Mehrdad Gholami in Flute Society of  Washington, Mid-Atlantic Flute Convention 2020.
In addition to composition, Zomorodi is skilled at improvisation, and at the Fereshteh Music Nights Festival one night was allotted to her improvisation.
A year later (2013), She released her quartet under the name of   Dream of Desertion. The Lane of Your Look is her piano solo collection which has been released in August 2014.She also released the piano sheet of this album as an Iranian- classical repertoire.The Bobble &  Mirage is her piano improvisation with traditional Iranian instruments which has been released in 2017.Next year in 2018, she records her symphonic orchestra pieces in Prague metropolitan symphonic orchestra in Czech radio and television studio and released theme ,In_immigration ,with Hermes records.  
Negin has been established a music Association named Gozar Music Assembly which convene monthly. Assembling contemporary composers, executants, lecturer, translators, critics, reviewers and music students, she is trying to close the scattering music lovers. Zomorodi taught music subjects to graduate and postgraduate students at Tehran University of Art and Islamic Azad University (2010-2017).
Today Negin Zomorodi is the manager of Gozar Music Academy which she has founded in 2017.