When the Black Fish Meets Jonathan the Seagull   

“ملاقات ماهی سیاه کوچولو و جاناتان مرغ دریایی”

Collection of fourteen four-handed piano pieces followed by a short story (conversation between two characters, from the book The

Little Black Fish by the Iranian writer, Samad Behrangi, and Jonathan the Seagull by the American writer, Richard Bach).This book is

going to be published in a visual book accompanied by a short story written by Negin Zomorodi (coming soon)



 The Difficulties of Being a Female Composer ” مهجوری مشغول فعل “

An article in Aftab Network magazine(an informative, news & analytics magazine publishes monthly)

September & October 2019, No.48, page: 68 & 69, Editor: Maziyar Habibian





Music by Me “موسیقی اثر من”

Translating book series named Music by Me from English to FarI  Written by Olson & Rossi
Music by me is an exciting new series that introduces student to the joy of composing their own music.

Self expression through original composition is a rewarding path that combines young, natural creativity with practical music skill.
Each book teaches valuable component for writing original music.




The Lane of Your Look   “مسیر نگاهت”


Part publications of Piano solo collection 
Ataei publication,First edition, August 2014
ISBN: 9789643137359