Sep 2021
A visual book consist of fourteen fourhanded piano pieces accompanied by a short story written by Negin Zomorodi ,Ham Avaz publication

August 2021
Radio Podcast (series of Iranian composers interview)
Cheshmeh Publication Program, Moderator: Hesam Garshasbi ,Tehran

July 2021
The Dancer Shadow , a solo for alto flute , is going to be released beside five  other pieces for solo flute by five Iranian composer in an music album named Iranity, performed by Mehrdad Gholami,  will be out soon by Mahoor Institute

Jun 2021
I Lost You  (for piano solo) will be performed by Anoush Moazzeni in a online  music festival named Deterritorializing ,The Realm of New Music , in Canadian Music Centre (CMC Ontario)

May 2021
Timeless Mirror ,Improvisation of  Piano and saxophone based on Monir Farmanfarmayan mirror art works, in seven tracks , published by E-jazz Publication

April 2021
Book publication under the name of Restless Poem & Restful Drawing , by Ataei publication .
This collection consists of 51 short poems, each of which illustrates and narrates an event.In order to communicate better and more attractively with her audience, Negin Zomorodi shares her improvised drawings and stripes.

January 2021
 Elegy for a Tree (A brand-new exhibition  of sketches  and music) ,Story, sketches ,Piano score : Sam Esfehani & Negin Zomorodi ,Curator : Ruth Wiensefield ( a German composer)
TOWARDS SOUND, HillberthRaum Team , Features about Iranian Composers’s Online Exhibition Reviewed by Franziska Buhre in radio feature SWR  and Deutschland funk ,Deutschland radio, Berlin

March 2021
The Second Birth of a Shadow , (A duet for Alto flute & soprano Based on the Iranian woman poet Frogh Frokhzad’s poem  performed by Anima Vox Duet) Flute: Tadeu Coelho ,soprano :Carole Ott ,Dance & Choreography: Dylan Reddish
O Blissful loss of Self, Exploration of Ecstasy in Poetry by Woman in Poetry by Woman
North Carolina & Grins burgh University (UNCG, UNCSA) , Tew Recital  Hall ,USA