Gozar Music Assembly (Service to profession):

Specialized monthly Meetings named Gozar Music Assembly, were initiated by Negin Zomorodi in September 2010, aimed at keeping players, composers, masters, and researchers in touch, as well as upgrading the skills of Iranian students of art. Zomorodi has been both financially and spiritually the main supporter of these meetings.
The specialized sessions of "Gozar music" have been launched since October 2009 with the aim of getting acquainted and communicating with musicians, composers, professors, music researchers, as well as raising the level of knowledge of students in Iran and abroad. This group is also a bridge for more communication with music professionals, including publishers, translators, producers, sound engineers, etc., and these meetings are held monthly in the Book City of Tehran.
In these sessions, the composer speaks from his source of inspiration, the publisher of the problems of the modern world, and the musician of his philosophies and ideas, so it is certain that the presence of students in these sessions will lead to their intellectual and artistic growth. The “GOZAR Music" Association brings together music writers and musicians and hopes to take a step forward with the support of Iranian artists
Negin Zomorodi, hopes that with the support of Iranian artists, a step will be taken towards the growth and excellence of art and culture in this region