Dream of Desertion | 2013

Leading collection consisting of two string quartets of two Iranian composers who have passed the academic education in Iran and with appreciated effort and perseverance have stepped into the difficult field of performing their works. The choice of string quartet composition to introduce the first published work of both composers shows their knowledge and attention to the special difficulty they face in composing this composition

A five movement string quartet performed by Arvand Quartet in Arasbaran Hall
Violin I: Amir Bavarchi,
Violin II: Negar Afazel
Viola: Babak Koohestani ,
Cello: Aydin Ahmadinejad  
Published by Ravy Azar Kimia Co. , July 2013

Get rid of lava
Flowing out of the volcano inside
Otherwise , you have to watch
The ashes of your existence
I believe escaping this transition
Is the only way to open up
Your sad soul

Negin Zomorodi, 2010