Ear 5 | 2012

Gosh Album is a collection that tries to present an audible exhibition of melodies, pieces of music or everyday street sounds that contain different forms of artistic feeling and expression, to nurture the artistic art of its audience. The reason for assembling the pieces of a set of ears is not the form, style or beauty of these works by a particular taste, but in collecting the ear, the works are tried to be put together in such a way that the contrast between different pieces reflects their artistic feeling and expression. So that the audience can understand their different artistic functions..
Soheil Peighambari, Navid Afgheh, Hossein Pishkar, Martin Shamounpour, Hesam Ouhadi, Ali Samadpour, Negin Zomordi, Wahab Vajdani, Ehsan Sabouhi
Musicians: Hossein Pishkar, Mehrdad Gholami, Wahab Vajdani, Len Anderson
Mahriz publication,  June 2012
Ear 5 is  aVariation Artist  music album ,which 7th Track of the album named" Ear" volume 5 (music collection of Iranian contemporary  musicians) has been composed by Negin Zomorodi named Atom (For Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Vibraphone and two Flutes)
Flutist: Mehrdad Golami , Kargadan Studio
Published by Mahriz Recording, 2012
Atoms; The fine article
Forever in turbulence and suspense!
Atoms; this micro particle
With the macrocosms at heart!
Oh! There is resemblance between us
They are agitated and confused.
They also caress & forsake each other
We resemble Atoms; in the magic of this colorful world!
Negin Zomorodi , 2012