The Rebellious Shadows | 2021

Flute Family Ensemble composed by Negin Zomorodi & painting collection of Shady Mirmehdi
ـ publication, ـ 2021

The idea of publishing this book happened exactly when she was under house arrest due to the Co-rona virus (March 2010). As the warlords deported the captive to their rooms, she thought of pub-lishing a book called The Rebellious Shadows. she decided to collect and publish the notes she had written for the flute family maker over the last years (2010-2020).
On the other hand, the paintings of her old artist friend, Shady Mir Mehdi, inspired her in the mean-time. She found them as my own mental designs in this book, and she believed that shady’s ab-stract paintings, illustrating the threads and fabrics of her music.
In those anxious times of quarantine, when martial law reigned in the streets of the city, she also decided to write a rhythmic work for the alto solo instrument, to invite the grieving people to this dance. It goes without saying that the presence of an artist friend like Mehrdad Gholami (flute play-ing PHD from Ginsburg university) was also very influential in this decision. His support for the performance of contemporary Iranian composers caused falling to take its place, and she began writing a piece called dancer shadows.
The Dancer Shadow. This piece is a dialogue between hope and despair, in a musical atmosphere of the Eastern genre, with an arrangement of melodic intervals that evokes a space close to Iranian music and the use of changing rhythmic patterns is formed.
When you become a composer, the songs and notes of the music weave the fabric of the moments of your life and your worries are different from those around you. That is, when you choose art pro-fessionally, you are looking for a life full of ups and downs. Remember that one day, the angle of inclination approaches the right angle and you feel that you are falling! But very soon, an inner force comes and takes your hand and pulls you up …
Negin Zomorodi 2021