When the Black Fish Meets Jonathan the Seagull | 2021

A visual book consist of fourteen fourhanded piano pieces accompanied by a short story written by Negin Zomorodi

Ham Avaz publication, June 2021

Is a collection consists of fourteen four-handed piano pieces followed by a short story. It is an at-tempt to experience and applying different methods of composing and four-hand pi-ano playing skills.
Each of these pieces is based on a conversation between two well-known and unique characters, from the book The Little Black Fish by the Iranian Writer, Samad Behrangi, and Jona-than the Seagull by the American writer, Richard Bach.
The similarities of these two creatures and also mutual psychological views of these two writers have been considered in the story. On the other hands, each music piece is an attempt to recreate the states and emotions induced in the story through music.
This collection has been made for the purpose of compensating the lack of published works for four-hand piano playing skills by Iranian composers.
I hope you find the story interesting and also the piano players in my country find this collection appealing and practical.