Restless poem & Restful Drawing | 2021

Poetries and painting collection

Ataei publication, April 2021

ISBN: 964-313-7538 MI

A book of writings and roles of a composer whose literature is neither his specialty nor his profession in painting. A book in two English-Persian languages whose age cannot be guessed, and in order to hear the unspoken words of a musician, you have to search deep in the pages of the book in order to hear them behind the notes.
This collection consists of 51 short poems, each of which illustrates and narrates an event.
In order to communicate better and more attractively with her audience, Negin Zomorodi shares her improvised drawings and stripes, which she has written on paper, with the audience in this book without ear of criticism .From the poem "Invisible Locks" to the poem "Exiles", this book covers a wide range of social and romantic themes, each of which represents a part of Negin Zomorodi's nostalgic spirit.
If we want to analyze the words of his poetry, a large part of these words certainly indicate nostalgia and separation. In short, his language is simple and unaffected, and his poems are consistent and clear.
Negin Zomorodi , Iranian woman composer and improviser ,at the age of forty , felt that the notes of music alone, could not carry the burden of expressing her feelings and thoughts, so she start writing the words as a poem .she recently happened to meet Ruth Wiensenfeld, a German com-poser. For an the art exhibition in Berlin, she was looking for manuscripts and paintings by com-posers like her who never dared to exhibit this dimension of their art. This acquaintance caused Negin to erupt like a volcanic mountain, and all the molten poetry and paintings that had been bur-ied inside for years came out, and eventually became the impetus for the publication of this book.