Piano Solo

The Seven Memory 2021
For piano solo
Based on the Iranian poem of Abolqasem Lahouti, the Mihan Ey Mihan (The Beloved Homeland song performed by famous Iranian singer, Shajarian

I Lost You 2021
for piano solo
Piano : Anoush Moazzeni.
Deterritorializing The Realm of New Music
Canadian Music Centre (CMC Ontario) - July 2021
Receiving grant from

The Lane Of Your look 2014
Collection of piano solos
released by Ravy Azar Kimia Co. August, 2014
  1. The lane of your look 
  2. My heart memory
  3. Echo of your voice 
  4. The inner murmur
  5. Nostalgic waltz 
  6. Black & white clavier 
  7. The old piano
  8. Fondle the clavier 
  9. Fancy of butterfly 
  10. Shadow of your presence
  11. Dance of butterfly 
  12. Role of your hands 
  13. The diary of my emotion 
  14. Cant be removed 

The Family picture 2008 

A Woman’s feeling 2007 

Piano fourhanded 

When the Black Fish Meets Jonathan the Seagull 2019

Collection of fourteen fourhanded piano pieces followed by a short story (conversation between two characters, from the book The Little Black Fish by the Iranian writer, Samad Behrangi, and Jonathan the Seagull by the American writer, Richard Bach).This book is going to be published in a visual book accompanied by a short story written by Negin Zomorodi

  1. Unpredictable Meeting 
  2. The Brave Prey 
  3. A New Story 
  4. The Snail Whisper
  5. The Little Boat
  6. The Mystical Trip 
  7. Return Home
  8. The Moon in the Mirror
  9. A Jelly Fish among Cloud
  10. The Footprints of Others 
  11. It is Hard to Say 
  12. Wet Wings 
  13. Nostalgic Walt 
  14. The Flying Fish