Trio, Duet & Solo

Kooch 2015
(A trio for violin, violoncello & piano)
Piano: Julietta Vardanyan
Violin : Ani Karapetyan
Chello: Aram Talalyan
Sound engineer: Ruban Osipov
recorded in Yerevan Centre for Art , April 2015

The Divine Shadow 2011
(A trio flute, violoncello & piano )
March 2011

Atom 2009
(A one movement trio for flute ,l, xylophone & vibraphone)
Released by Mahriz Recording, "Ear" (volume 5 )
Collection of contemporary music of Iran, Tehran, 2010


The Second Birth of a Shadow 2021
(A Duet for sop & flute)
Anima Vox duet
Flute: Tadeu Coelho
soprano :Carole Ott
Dance & Choreography: Dylan Reddish
O Blissful loss of Self, Exploration of Ecstasy in Poetry by Woman in Poetry by Woman
North Carolina & Grins burgh University (UNCG, UNCSA) , Tew Recital Hall ,USA,
March 2021

The Scattered Shadow 2019 
(duet for flute & piano)
Piano: Julia Mortyakova, D.M.A.
Flute: Coral Shanky
Music by Women Festival 2020
Mississippi University for Women, Poindexter Hall ,USA, March 2021

The Rebellious Shadow 2021
(A Duet for piano & flute)
Performed in Music by Women Festival 2020& Tehran Contemporary Music Week, 2014

The Dialogue of Two Shadow 2010 
(A Duet for flute piccolo & violin)
Based on Fibonacci Series

Iranian miniature 2008 
(trios and duets for Persian Classical instruments & Piano )
  1. The Raw Fancy, for Kamanche , Tar & Piano
  2. The Memory Sanctum , for Ney &Piano
  3. The Crawling Sleep, for Kamanche & Piano
  4. The Pureness of your Laugh, for Ney , Tar & Piano
  5. The Gaze of Petition, for Tar & Piano


(for violin solo)
Violinist :Rasa Mahmoudiaan
IFCA Virtual Concert & Crossing Boarder Music online YouTube concert
SEP 2020

The Dancing Shadows 
(for solo alto flute)
Flutist; Mehrdad Gholami
Flute Society of Washington, Mid-Atlantic Flute Convention,Washington, February 2020
released in a music album named Iranity consist of six Iranian contemporary composer performed by Mehrdad Gholami -Mahoor Institute -2021

The Lonesome Shadow
(for solo flute )
Flutist; Mehrdad Gholami D.M.A. ,Texas Flute Society Members Recital, Texas, March 2020