Quartets & Quintet 

The Lovers After Covid_19 2020
(for string percussion, in three movements)
Composed For the Emerging Composers Project - Third Coast Percussion
  1. The Hopeful Lovers before Covid 19
  2. The Wandering Lovers after Covid 19
  3. Derermined Lovers will Defeat Covid 19

July 2021

Kooch 2018
(for string quartet, in three movements)
Respina Quartet
    Violin I: Daniyal Jourabchi, Violin II: Arash Asadnejad
    Viola: Armin Ghozati, Cello: Arsalan Alizadeh
    Roudaki Hal, Tehran, March 2018

Ghajar Coffee 2012 
(A Persian string quartet: two Kamanches one Gheychak &
one Ghychak bass , in three movements )
Performed by Chahargan Quartet,Roudaki Concert hall،Tehran 2012

Dream of Desertion 2010
(A String Quartet in five movements)
A five movement string quartet performed by Arvand Quartet
    Violin I: Amir Bavarchi, Violin II: Negar Afazel
    Viola: Babak Koohestani ,Cello: Aydin Ahmadinejad
Published by Ravy Azar Kimia Co., July 2013
  1. heart rendering 
  2. desertion 
  3. pathway 
  4. presumption 
  5. enlightenment

Performed by Arvand Quartet ,Arasbaran Cultural Center, Tehran, 2013

Farewell 2009
(Sting Quintet in three movements)
published as a track of the album named Kāshefān-e Forutan-e Ford (Iranian contemporary composers, music collection)
     Violin I: Hovhannes Mokatsian ,Violin II: Samuel Barseghian
     Viola: Jemma Abranhamyan ,Cello: Aram Talalian ,Contrabass: Simon Hayrapetyan
Recorded in Yerevan Center for the Arts, October 2009 , published by Beethoven Music Center, Tehran, 2016
  1. Determined 
  2. Awakens
  3. Farewell 

Recorded in Yerevan. Center for the Arts, October 2012
published by Beethoven Music Center, Tehran, 2016

Atom 2009
(A one movement Quintet for two flute , glockenspiel, xylophone & vibraphone)
Released by Mahriz Recording, "Ear" (volume 5 )
Collection of contemporary music of Iran, Tehran, 2010