Last mirage    These Are Our Friends Too – press release – Sept 2019




In-migration “درون کوچ”


Symphonic works performed by the Prague Metropolitan Orchestra

Consert master : Radek Krizanovsky

Conducted by Barbad Bayat

Sound Engineer: Pavel Ridosko

Recorded at the CzechTV studio, Prague ,2016

Published by Hermes Record ,Tehran, July 2019

I have been through immigration

Twice in my life

The first time beyond the borders

Over the oceans

The second time

Was an endless inner journey

Going through unpaved road of loneliness

Battle with unknown shadows

Reaching to the deepest layer of my soul.

Were undoubedly a metamorphose

Of both my mind & emotion

Negin Zomorodi 2016



The Bubble & Mirage  “حباب وسراب”  watch video

A Collection of duets improvisation for piano and Persian classical instruments

Those  experience the improvisation knows that it is almost impossible to recreate what you played at first: it cannot be reached. and that is what makes improvisation fascinating , yet unreachable.

Piano: Negin Zomorodi

Kamanche: Shwan Tavakol

Santou: Hamid Moradiyan

Se-tar: Ramin Roshandel

Oud : Alale Aboutorabi

Drums: Roshanak Rafani

Studio: Pop , Sound engineer : Hamid Adab

Published by Noufe Music, Tehran, January 2018

Bobble : “Why do you deceive  people to continue their way down the road ?”

Mirage :”I give them the hope to carry on and not to give up;

how about you , luring them to touch you , then disappearing as soon as they do ?”

Bobble : “I am real ; only my life is short; but you are nix with longevity

Mirage (with anger): “But you are void … !”

Bobble : ” And you are nothing… !”

And there was not end to this discussion.

Negin Zomorodi , 2017



Farewell  “بدرود”


A three movement string quintet , published as a track of the album named Kāshefān-e Forutan-e Fard (music collection of Iranian contemporary composers )

Violin I: Hovhannes Mokatsian (Frankfurt Symphony player

Violin II: Samuel Barseghian(Lisbon Philarmonic player) 

Viola: Jemma Abranhamyan(State Solist Ensemble Yerevan player)

Cello: Aram Talalian (

Contrabass: Simon Hayrapetyan ( Armenia National Chamber Orchestra player)Recorded in Yerevan. Center for the Arts, October 2012

Published by Beethoven Music Center, Tehran, 2016

In the first movement of this string quintet, Determined , the motives are wandering till the con-legno beat on the string put ends to it.Then in the second movements ,Awakens the sardines among the strings ,pictures the dark &  misty atmosphere .The last movement, Farewell is the fighting between two melodies which both are determined and restless.

Negin Zomorodi, 2015



The Lane of Your look “مسیر نگاهت”  


Collection of fourteen piano solo pieces

Piano: Azin Razavi & Nina Barzegar
Published by Ravy Azar Kimia Co. August, 2014

These piano pieces has been written through 6 years (2006- 2012)

The exquisite technique of playing, comprehensive music form and extended acoustic registers have diversified the main characteristic of this collection.Building Iranian atmosphere, a cogitative consideration has been given to the difference between classical and Iranian tuning, harmony, and melodic intervals setting in this piano collection.

I‘ve washed the lane of your look

From the memory of my heart

I dusted out

The shadow of your presence

To let the butterfly of my thought

Fly away

But the blueprint of your hands

Has not been cleaned from

The notebook of my sentiment

Negin Zomorodi, 2012



Dream of Desertion “رویای گریز”  watch video


A five movement string quartet performed by Arvand Quartet:

Violin I: Amir Bavarchi,

Violin II: Negar Afazel

Viola: Babak Koohestani ,

Cello: Aydin Ahmadinejad 

Published by Ravy Azar Kimia Co. , July 2013

Get rid of lava

Flowing out of the volcano inside

Otherwise , you have to watch

The ashes of your existence

I believe escaping this transition

Is the only way to open up

Your sad soul

Negin Zomorodi, 2010



Atom “اتم”


Seventh Track of the album named” Ear” volume 5 (music collection of Iranian contemporary  musicians) For Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Vibraphone and two Flutes, Flutist: Mehrdad Golami , Kargadan Studio ,Published by Mahriz Recording, 2011

Atoms; The fine article

Forever in turbulence and suspense!
Atoms;this micro particle

With the macrocosms at heart!
Oh! There is resemblance between us

They are agitated and confused.

They also caress & forsake each other
We resemble Atoms; in the magic of this colorful world!

Negin Zomorodi , 2009